As one of the leading names in Turkish biscuit machinery sector, Eskort Machinery, which attracted great attention with its ‘test laboratory line’ offered to service in 2011, manufactures turnkey biscuit lines, biscuit packaging machines and custom designed lines for food production for the past 16 years. The company that manufactures production lines with capacities ranging from 50 kg/h to 2000 kg/h also meets various design-oriented, challenging and special production requests. General Manager of Escort Machinery, Erdoğan Türbedar, who provided information to our magazine about the company, reminds that Eskort Machinery founded on a 150 m2 production area in 1996 is now providing service on a 5000 m2 indoor production area with a rapid growth, and he adds: “We believe that innovative designs and advanced technologies used in our machinery have an important role in this growth. And by collecting all the equipments within our own body by investing into our own production line, we obtained a competitive position in the market for the systems we manufacture.” MORE THAN 30 TURNKEY BISCUIT FACILITIES IN OVERSEAS Eskort Machinery that exports an important segment of its manufactured systems established many turnkey facilities in overseas and especially in neighbor countries of Turkey. Erdoğan Türbedar says the following regarding this subject: “We export almost all of our production. In other words, 85-95 percent of our production is exported. We established small and large capacity facilities in various countries surrounding Turkey. The number of these turnkey facilities is around 30. And besides these, we also established many partial biscuit lines and produced special solutions for our customers.” Türbedar says that they generally export their products to Turkey’s neighbors, Turkic Republics, Russia, Germany, North Africa and Arab countries and continues his words: “We are preferred by the producers in these countries because of our world class production. Moreover our rapid response and solution offers to the requests of our customers before and after sales is another very important factor affecting their choice.” “TURKEY WILL BE AMONG TOP 4 COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD BISCUIT MARKET” Türbedar, who we asked to evaluate the current and future position of Turkey in the production and trade of biscuit technologies, states that Turkey will be in top 4, and answers our question as follows: “Turkey has a certain market share in the world regarding biscuit machineries. I guess that this market share will increase even more in the following periods. Moreover, Turkey is now among the world’s top 3-5 countries in biscuit technologies. And I believe it will be in top 2 or 4 in the near future.”Türbedar evaluates the quality and performance of the biscuit technologies produced in Turkey as follows: “As biscuit machinery manufacturers in Turkey, I believe that our machinery quality and performance are at adequate levels. The quality of the systems we manufacture is very close to the European standards.” 20 PERCENT OF THE BUDGET IS ALLOCATED FOR R&D Türbedar believes that the most fascinating innovation in the world biscuit machinery sector in the recent years is advanced technology production systems that enable producing biscuits hygienically without any touch of human hands, and thinks these technologies, which require very little manpower, will be the most preferred innovation in the following periods. General Manager Türbedar says that their most important innovation is the “test laboratory line” that they offered to the market in 2011 as Eskort Machine and states that this line attracted great attention both from Turkey and other countries. “Biscuit producers may save raw material, energy, effort and time by testing their new developed products on this line.” says Türbedar and underlines the fact that Eskort Machinery attaches great importance to R&D and that they constantly develop new projects and allocate almost 20 percent of their budget to R&D. And Türbedar adds the following about the short and long term goals of Eskort Machinery in the world market: “Our goal is to manufacture machines by applying the most advanced technology in the area of biscuit production machinery and to increase our share in the world biscuit machinery market with these machines.”